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Northern Cyprus is home to the city of Kyrenia and is the perfect holiday destination for those looking to enjoy a relaxing break. Kyrenia is packed full of history, nature and culture and although it the pace of life may be slower and more relaxed, you will not be bored. Kyrenia enjoys a Mediterranean climate and is surrounded by the sea at one side and the five fingers mountain range on the other. There are plenty of hotels, sandy beaches, and excellent activities to enjoy. For those who love nature, Kyrenia will not disappoint. Kyrenia is home to a wide range of flora and fauna including many different varieties of orchids

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Kyrenia is perfect for hill walking and scenic tours and the entire city is steeped in history. There are a number of castles in and around Kyrenia and the harbour itself is overlooked by Kyrenia castle. This castle is also home to the famous shipwreck museum where you can view the wreckage of an ancient ship. The neighbouring villages also have some excellent sights and these include Esentepe with its historic buildings and Ozankoy, a nature-lovers paradise with an abundance of spectacular plants. You can also visit Karmi, a quiet and serene village that is home to St. Hilarion Castle and Lapta, a coastal town that has some of the best fresh water springs in Northern Cyprus.

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