We as Caria Estates International ...

We as Caria Estates International (Licensed real estate agency in Northern Cyprus) believe that once you buy your holiday house and settle down, your new life begins. You will get used to your new life in the area you will be living in and after a while, you will wonder what’s next …

Now it is time to discover the surroundings and other parts of Turkey. Because when you buy an apartment in Cyprus you are not just buying walls and a place to swim and sunbathe, you are starting a new life. We believe you should enjoy every day of your life in your new holiday home and live a quality life that you deserve.

What are we going to do ...

What are we going to do as your real estate agent in North Cyprus?

We will arrange special activities such as trekking, hiking, fishing, fine-dining and visiting close historical sites. After all those activities, what is going to be our next step?

Now your new Turkish, Cypriot & Italian life will begin. We will discover other parts of these countries. We will arrange trips to famous destinations of the country you bought your holiday house. 

Major Destinations ...

Major Destinations in Turkey:

• Cappadocia
• Black Sea Region
• Pamukkale / Ephesus
• Göcek / Fethiye

Major Destination in Cyprus:

• Karpaz
• Lefke / Güzelyurt
• Larnaka
• Aiya Napa

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